The 2nd Post

Do you get discouraged when you see those gloriously beautiful photos on such sites as 500px, fstoppers. flickr etc.?

You, like TMP probably don’t have the circumstances or finances to photograph the faroes, Iceland, the Dolomites, or whatever is currently in vogue. Neither does TMP want to sit in front of the computer manipulating like Hell in Photoshop – not that TMP actually uses Photoshop.

So TMP is stuck in his little corner of Wales with the occasional trip to Wales’s and England’s finest mountains a few times a year. Not that the “mountains” of Britain are mountains in the sense of European ones. Ours are much smaller and accessible. Special climbing skills are not really required per se.

Those contraints definitely impact TMP’s photos.

But, TMP likes what TMP does, TMP doesn’t take it too seriously. TMP enjoys using his OMD and sometimes the Leica M. TMP doesn’t care what people think of his kit, nor does TMP care what other people use or how they process.

If TMP comes back from a trip or a hike with a few pix with which he is happy, all the better. If other people like them, that is the proverbial icing on the cake.

TMP agrees with some that there is a lack of diversity in style. An awful lot of photos on various sites at which TMP views, especially in the landscape genre, are so similar in style that one would think that a sole photographer is responsible. That is not meant to be any form of criticism, these photos are expertly and beautifully crafted, the skill of execution is extraordinarilty high. TMP would really like to see what these artists would make of the subjects TMP shoots. Perhaps not worthy of consideration.

TMP thinks the most important aspect is to enjoy your photography, no matter what it is or what kit you use. Do not compete, do not feel discouraged. Find your joy and to Hell with trends, cliche’s and rules.

In a future post TMP will discuss, albeit briefly, the value finding your own photographic “voice” instead of copying the style of those aforementioned photos. Because TMP will tell you for sure there are millions of people doing that!